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Jenna Ridley Interiors provides a fresh take on interior design; creating stunning natural homes, full of vitality that reflect you and your needs, nurture you and enhance your health and wellbeing.


Above all, I want you to love your home and for your home to have your back.


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“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us. 
(Winston Churchill)


Jenna Ridley Interiors erupted from a lifelong passion for creating "home". From constantly

rearranging my bedroom as a little girl, to foregoing nights out at uni to make curtains to dragging my husband to the local DIY store most weekends when we bought our first house, aged 23,  I have always had an inner compulsion to make the absolute best of my surroundings. 


Having lived in the UK, France and now Switzerland, the need to create a welcoming and nurturing home away from home, as it initially was has always been strong.


I reached a point in my life a couple of years ago where I knew my initial career as a corporate tax lawyer could no longer contain the interior designer inner beast within me and I shut the door on law to embark on a wonderful journey to set up Jenna Ridley Interiors in January 2019.   

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home."
(Gary Snyder)

At the start of my business I promised all things to all (wo)men, but something in the pit of my stomach just did not feel right. Sure, I was creating beautiful interiors that my clients loved, but it never felt enough. I didn't want to just do "pretty".

I have always instinctively felt that the more we can bring nature into our homes, in the form of plants, flowers, natural materials and both natural and soft lighting, the better we feel. And indeed there is a huge body of evidence to show using nature in our homes postively impacts our health. Certain layouts also felt inherently right or wrong to me and I wanted to dig deeper to better understand why that may be.

Fast forward some months and I am half-way through a wonderfully enriching Feng Shui couse which is teaching me so much, including how to arrange and decorate a home to best take advantage of nature's energy.

And I realised, this is exactly what I want to do and share with you and the world : I want to create homes rooted in nature that hold you up both physically and mentally and allow you to live your best life. 

My design style

Needless to say my designs focus heavily on nature; incorporating plants, natural materials where possible, lots of warm muted earthy and natural tones with a predominantly neutral base. I believe there is beauty in mixing old and new pieces and that the items we choose for your home should speak to your soul. 


It is very important to me is that I am a good fit for you; both my design style and personality should be a great match for both of us. This way we will get the absolute best results and will have a wonderful working relationship together.

Home is where my heart is...

And my heart is firmly with my rock, the wonderfully supportive Mr Ridley, and my two incredible children. I care deeply about creating beautiful homes that work for each and every member of the family. In my down time, I love yoga, running, hiking, skiing, reading, travelling, socialising and shopping for fashion and home. You will most likely find me in a vintage furniture store looking for treasure, on top of a mountain, or deep in a forest!


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 “ The details are not the details, they make the design.”

(Charles Eames)

Jenna Ridley Interiors provides a range of interior design services . Each project is totally unique and carefully considered and quoted on a project-by-project basis taking into account the scale, urgency and type of project. I work loosely around 2 different services (see below), but if you want something in between these two, do get in touch. . 


The Consultation

2 hour in-home  consultation package designed to solve your most pressing design issue(s)...


The Complete Works

From initial meeting to final cushion plump this is the full interior design package removing the stress from your home renovation...

Only currently offering "The Consultation" service


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If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear more about your wonderful project via a complimentary 15 minute video call. Please email me at the email address below to set up a discovery call.



location:   Basel, Switzerland
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