The Pressing Issue

3 hour in-home consultation package designed to solve your most pressing design issue(s)...

 This package is perfect for you if...

  • You’re moving into a new home.

  • You need help visualising how to fit furniture into a room.

  • You need to make quick decisions about flooring, colours or other fitting and finishes.

  • You need help deciding on a layout for a particular room or group of rooms.

  • You don’t have the right furniture or have furniture that you have to work with.

  • You want to create a space for the kids and don’t know how to create it.

  • You are at a dead end with a room and just need help to finish it.

  • You feel overwhelmed with the number of options and need help making decisions.

  • Your home feels disorganised but don’t know where to start.


How it works

After you complete the client questionnaire, (so that I get to know you), I travel to your home and we concentrate on the main aspect of your home that is not working for you.

In one session we can usually complete 1-3 of the following:  

  • work out which furniture items should stay and which should go;

  • decide what further items you should consider purchasing to make the room feel more homely;

  • decide on the layout of the room – (we could physically try out moving furniture into different positions);

  • discuss your ideas for your home and get a second opinion from me;

  • resolve which room should, for example, be used as a nursery or a study;

  • select a particular paint colour or flooring option for the house;

  • decide on a style of interior design for a particular room;

  • discuss storage solutions to make your home more organised....



CHF 500 for a 3-hour consultation which includes my travel costs to and from your home (in the Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land areas) and prior review of your completed client questionnaire so that I attend the consultation prepared and maximise the value I bring to our session. 

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