Service 1

The Consultation


2 hour consultation at home designed to solve your most pressing design issue(s)...

 This is where it all begins...

Whether you only want The Consultation service, The Complete Works, or something in between, it all starts here with The Consultation. As an interior designer, I feel humbled and privileged to be let into your inner most sanctum; your home. It is so important to me that you feel at ease with me and we build a wonderful working relationship together. That's why I believe every project should always start with The Consultation. This allows you to get to know me and me you, my design ethos, style and ideas, before plunging into a larger project; a testing of the waters if you will.


 The Consultation service is perfect for you if...

  • You are at the very start of an exciting new renovation or redecoration project and want to bounce ideas around with me and for me to suggest ideas you may not have considered.

  • You have lived in your home for a while and it is just not working for you and you want a fresh pair of eyes to help you get unstuck.

  • You need help deciding on a layout for a particular room or group of rooms.

  • You desperately need a better work from home space and want to know how to carve out that ideal home office for yourself.

  • Your home feels stark and unwelcoming and you want some ideas on how to make it more homely.

  • You want to create a creative, inspiring space for the kids without turning your home into a kindergarten and don’t know how.

  • You are at a dead end with a room and just need help to finish it.

  • You feel overwhelmed with the number of options and need help making decisions.

  • Your home feels disorganised but you don’t know where to start.


How it works

We start our beautiful journey with a complimentary 15-minute video discovery call where I find out some exciting details from you about your project and decide whether we are a great fit for one another both in terms of interior style and personality. 

After you complete the short client questionnaire, we enjoy an in-home* (or video) consultation where we concentrate on the main aspect of your home that is not working for you. (*within the Basel or Baselland areas)

I then follow-up with an email of the main points discussed, including links to any suggestions I make and enclosing my Little Black Book of Basel and Beyond which is a digital list of some of my go-to retailers in Basel and further afield. 

In one consultation session we can usually complete 1-3 of the following:  

  • resolve which room should, for example, be used as a home office, nursery, bedroom etc, taking into account factors such as sunlight, noise, view etc;

  • decide on the layout of the room – (we could physically try out moving furniture into different positions);

  • work out which furniture items should stay and which should go;

  • decide what further items you should consider purchasing to make the room feel more homely;

  • discuss your ideas for your home and get a second opinion from me;

  • discuss storage solutions to make your home more organised.... etc


Price: CHF 600